En smakebit på Søndag: Wake

”Gemma remembered going to the cove. In her mind, she could see what
she´d done, but it was like watching a show about someone else. All the movements and actions – it was her body doing them, but it wasn´t her.
Going to the cove and hanging out with Penn – those weren´t her dicisions. Gemma would never drink, let alone do it because girls like Lexi pressured her to. She remembered doing it, but it wasn´t her. She would never do that.
But she had. Or how else would she have ended up washed up on the beach, hungover?
Getting drunk didn´t completely explain the night, though. Things were messed up before she drank from the flask, and Gemma had never heard of liquor being thick like that. It had the consistency of honey, but tasted nothing like it.
Maybe it wasn´t alcohol, but it was definitely something. It could´ve been laced with a drug or a poison. Or maybe a potion. Gemma wouldn´t be surpriced at all if Penn turned out to be a witch.
In any event, they had slipped her something. Gemma would probably never know exactly what it was, and she had no idea why.”




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