En Smakbit ur The White Princess


”I watch from my bedroom window as the coronation barge cross down the river to the Tower, escorted by dozens of ships. I can hear the music ringing across the water. The royal barge has been regilded since we last sailed in it, and shines brightly golden on the cold water, while at prow and stern the flags of the Tudor red dragon and the Beauford portcullis flap in triumph. Henry himself is a tiny figure. At this distance I can see only his long gown of purple velvet trimmed with ermine. He is standing so that everyone on the riverbanks can see him, arms akimbo, on the raised deck at the back of the barge. I shade my eyes and stare at him. For the first time I have seen the man I am to marry, and at this distance he is no bigger than the tip of my little finger.”

Jag ser fram emot att få fortsätta denna redan fängslande historia om Elizabeth of York. Dottern till den kända Elizabeth Woodville mer känd som The White Queen.




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