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Intervju: Tricia Levensell

Owlcrate, denna fantastiska bokprenumerationsbox har börjat med något som heter OwlBabble på Twitter där helt enkelt vi läsare får ställa frågor till författarna som ger ut böckerna i boxen. Denna gång var det Tricia Levensell författaren till Daughter of the Pirate King som fick ta emot frågor. Jag har precis läst denna fantastiska bok så recension på den kommer inom kort, däremot tänkte jag dela med mig av intervjun här med er.

Welcome fellow pirates! Let’s get started with tonight’s #OwlBabble! Introduce yourself & your blog, bookstagram, booklr, booktube, etc.
Hi! I’m Tricia! I wrote DOTPK! I’m currently obsessed with Overwatch. And since reading ACOMAF I can think of little else.

Every pirate needs a ship! What would you name your fictional pirate ship?
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The IRON MAIDEN. It’s badass while also sounding feminine. My fav.

Now that you have your ship, which fictional character would you assign to be your first mate?
Samwise Gamgee. I bet he would make the most loyal first mate. Also Hook from OUAT. Eye candy on the sea doesn’t get better than that.

A pirate must plunder! What town from a fictional world would you raid for treasure?
Diagon Alley. Think of all the fun magical things! Also, Gringotts is located there. Just saying.

You have access to all the seven seas! Shout out a book that’s set in a country that isn’t your own!

Uh-oh! Another pirate got on your bad side. Which YA character would you maroon on a deserted island?

Pirates have all sorts of rituals and superstitions. Do you have any odd reading rituals or habits?
I often can’t read two books written in 3rd person in a row. So weird, I know.

Is Alosa a reflection of your inner self & why?
Sort of. I can be a smart ass, but I know when to hold myself in check (I hope). Alosa just runs wild!

What made you want to delve into the world of pirates? What was your inspiration?
Pirates of the Caribbean! Loved the movie. And I noticed a distinct lack of books about female pirates!

Is there an exstimated release date for book 2?
Yes! February 27, 2018!

What have you the idea for DOAPK?
I wanted to mix a kick A pirate with getting kidnapped by pirates. The only way it would work is if she got caught on purpose.

Do you have any advice for someone who is a writer and one day would love to become an author?
Focus on getting that first book written from start to finish! Learn as much as you can about the publishing industry online! Also, find critique partners to share your work with. Invaluable feedback can come this way!

Tricia – what’s your favorite genre to read – do you stick mostly to YA, or do you read a variety?
I almost exclusively read YA. And even more so, historical YA. It’s my favorite to read and write.

Will Alosa ever meet her mother sometime in the future?
Maybe… It is called DAUGHTER OF THE SIREN QUEEN, afterall 🙂

if you had to write another novel right now, what genre would it be?
Another historical fantasy, but I would love to be allowed to write a Steampunk idea I have!

What is the message that you want to convey to your readers through your stories?
Girls can do anything. They can be anything. Feminine or not. Whatever they like. Society doesn’t get to tell us how to behave.

I always ask this question for my blog so…Have you read The Chronicles of Narnia and if so which is your fave?
A long time ago. I don’t remember much. Except Ben Barnes playing Prince Caspian in the movies.

Will there possibly be a love triangle to heat things up in the next book,Daughter of the Siren Queen?
There won’t be a love triangle in this series.

Were you surprised at how quickly your book blew up in the book community?
Has it blown up? I didn’t realize it had! I’m just glad that I have readers who talk to me about it!

What is a favorite new release of 2017 you have read?

I am so excited to read your book because I love Pirates!! Who’s your favorite fictional Pirate outside of your book?
Jack Sparrow!

Alosa’s red hair & siren heritage give me Disney Princess vibes. If Alosa had an animal sidekick what would it be?
Let’s go with Falcon.

How did you come up with the name Alosa?
It’s a play on my sister’s name. Alisa. I just switched the I for an O.

What’s you favorite thing about pirates?
Living on the sea and taking what you want!

Who/What do you listen to most when writing?
Just white noise. I can’t do music!

If Alosa had a theme song what would it be?
”Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

What book made you fall in love with readin? What made you start writing your own book?
Alanna by Tamora Pierce! Forgot to answer second half. My mom said I could write a novel instead of getting a summer job!

How did you decide Alosa would have a love interest? Or did you know from the get go?
I love romance in books. Every book I write will have one. I knew from the get go!